20 August 2015

Quick Book Review: Islamic Awakening Between Rejection and Extremism

In this thoughtful work, Yusuf al Qaradawi addresses many of the issues of what most Muslims, especially the youth (in their vulnerable years in studying their religion to solidify their purpose and identity) encounter within themselves, the Islamic tradition, and the communities that they belong to.

While inevitable inner and environmental conflicts occur, for example the tendency to establish certainty in matters of religious belief and practices some eager young Muslims resort to extreme and rigid views and lifestyle and want to impose it in a radical manner to others, while some who may find some interpretations of the religion to be incompatible to their lifestyle or perceived reality and orientation might choose to abandon it altogether.

Dr. Qaradawi gives fatherly advice to young Muslims to the true essence of Islam by drawing examples from how the Prophet (pbuh) dealt with matters that required tact and wisdom, as well as examples from his Companions of how they resolved differences and made decisions that are based on sound judgment and in accordance to the noble principles of Islam. Also included were situational examples of how conflicts among Muslims occurred over trivial matters which are the result of differences that should have been overlooked if those involved understood the essence of flexibility, respect and tolerance in Islam.

This is a must read and timely treatise (even though it was written many years ago) for the Muslim youth who are striving to balance worldly pursuits, faith, and religious endeavors in advocacy for beneficial change.