08 March 2014

Matters of Faith to be Resolved

- Trust in Allah.

- Thinking well of Allah and His wisdom in allowing things to happen.

- Thinking well of Allah when prayers are not answered and when the opposite of what had been prayed for happens.

- Thinking well of Allah on the matters that He decided for me and for others (both in this world and in the Hereafter), the fate of the believing people who suffered injustices, cruelty and loss; and that all that is revealed in His Revelation in the Qur'an is for the good and welfare of the believing people (both women and men). 

- That Allah had Hidden Knowledge that only He alone knows, and that what is revealed in the Revelation is sufficient for the people, and that that Hidden Knowledge is something that the believing people should trust with their whole heart and leave to Allah alone.

- That the reward of a person has no bearing or loss for another, rather that reward of a person is separate and distinct and brought by the Grace and Mercy of the Lord for ones sacrifices and faith, not in  proportion to seeking the pleasure of any created being, but only with Allah.

- That everything that is endured in this present worldly life will be paid off in the end, in sha Allah.

- That this world is only a test, a passing illusion, not an end within itself, but only a means to return to the Lord and gaze at His Face - the Highest honor one can achieve in the life to come.

- That we are all equally created for the sole purpose of worshipping Allah.