27 May 2013

Dailies and In-Between

These are some photos I had been taking for the past few months and they are mostly scenes from my daily life.

Lately, I've been busy at the library studying Islamic Lessons, Literature and Arabic so I hadn't really been taking a lot of pictures and updating this blog. I'm particularly happy that there's a lot of progress on my being able to read Arabic, especially the Noble Qur'an. I hope that I can study Arabic grammar soon, so that I can understand the miraculous language of the Noble Qur'an and the original texts of the Islamic books written by the respected Muslim scholars. That's definitely one of the things I'm looking forward these days, alongside the coming of the blessed month of Ramadan. 

During my spare time after work, I play with my cats, read books, paint, cook and organize our home. My life is very simple and quiet and it's what I've been dreaming of when I was in the midst of the noisy and complicated life full of pretensions and compromises.

These days, I became closer to God, to my parents and siblings, to nature, to my genuine self, and to studying the deeper lessons of life.

So away with the past, its people, and its 'ugliness'... What I have now is the beautiful present and future. Alhamdulillah.

Have a happy week! :)

Love, Maica