02 May 2011

3rd Update

For the longest time, I have always viewed people to be individuals, as having the capacities to think, to surpass limitations, to achieve intellectual refinement, and to contribute ideas and inventions for the benefit of making this world a better place...and then a catastrophe hit me.

Beyond my ideals, I learned that there are people who should never be trusted, people who are not always willing to be good. I can't believe that they would still choose to stick to being liars and hypocrites, to their perversion and promiscuity and how they would constantly manipulate others for the sake of satisfying their own desires. I never thought that I will be subjected to that kind of situation - that there will be people who will not see me as an individual, but simply as a gendered object and a brainless robot confined within the dictated roles of an immoral society. It remains as a very sad truth when all the while, I believed in the eradication of sexual stereotypes. I will never allow myself to be under the mercy of their own programmed biases and scrutiny.

In my own hands, I will do my best to fight those immoral people - they, who spread their stink, lying, deceiving, manipulating people, stealing what is not theirs, exploiting women, and destroying the innocence of faultless children. 

I am coming back to my old self. I am by myself, but I am strong. I am an observer, a student, an individual who strives to achieve excellence. I am apart and I am against this stinking immorality and deception.

God willing, God will never leave me, He will always guide me and will protect me in this journey.