21 April 2011

This Is A Brand New Start

Finally, after three months, I'm starting to blog again, or in other better terms, to write.

On a lighter note, I'm glad to write that I'm looking forward to a number of plans. I'm saving up to go back to school again, God-willing. I'm planning to pursue and attend Medical school or obtain my Masters in Clinical Psychology. In the meantime, I'm helping my parents manage our auto shop business. I also have a lot of spare time to make oil paintings and watercolor sketches, read books and make my library grow, tend my potted garden and take care of my three rose plants and two climbing trees, spend time with family, travel and visit places, stroll on city malls, take care of my new Persian cat, Boris; and be consistently happy and live contentedly with life. And most importantly, I have all the time to worship God, pray, repent, and be thankful for the blessings and trials that I underwent that made me a stronger person.

These past two years gave me great lessons that will serve as my guideposts through life. I may not be able to elaborate them, but one of the most important principles that underscores the rest of my victories is to be true to oneself and to the rest of the world. Truth - no matter how painful the consequences it may lead this life - should be a part of the the principles that life should be lived with. Never again will I care to be accepted or rejected by anyone or anything - as long as I uphold this to myself, I will win this war in the end.

This is my journey.

- Maica